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"You might be pleasantly surprised at how much free time you’ll have with the simple forwarding of applications, and not to mention having all applications and feedback in one place. No more chaos in my inbox. And what’s really cool, our data is stored in Germany. This fact alone makes me feel safe and allows us to comply with national regulations!"
Maren Böger Manager HR at eyeo GmbH

Are Your Existing Applicant Tracking Options Slowing You Down?

After talking to over 50 office managers and recruiters, we heard the same story over and over again. Here are the most common issues they are facing while trying to grow their businesses:

A lot of energy...

goes into selecting suitable candidates to filter the diamonds in the rough.

There is too much manual work...

to enter and update information on spreadsheets or existing systems.

Lack of overview.

There are too many CVs, tools, sheets, emails, notes and job boards to
always stay up to date.

It’s a massive time drain...

to (re-) schedule interviews with colleagues.

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TalentsTracker's Main Benefits

These stories above don’t sound like a lot of fun. So, we sat down and designed TalentsTracker to solve these problems for you.

Simplify Your Hiring Process

Powerful dashboards within TalentsTracker allow you to you view and track candidates in minutes per day. Key information like hiring status, CV, contact details and colleagues’ feedback are available without having to scroll down page after page.

Fits Your Purpose

Every company is different, so inside TalentsTracker you can define your unique hiring pipeline(s). That way, you can easily manage applicants based on your internal hiring process and needs.

Automation to Free You Time

You should have more time available to help your business grow, therefore we focused on automating the hiring process as much as possible. Applications will be uploaded automatically. Equally important, you and your colleagues can comment on a candidate via email, no need to manually log in each time.

Scheduling Interviews Made Easy

No more 50 emails back and forth to find a good time for an interview with your colleagues! Schedule the next interview by instantly seeing everyone’s availability.

Simple to Use. Setup in Minutes.

Our recruitment software is simple to use and easy to understand. You will be setup in a matter of minutes, ready to track candidates for your open positions. TalentsTracker’s clear and modern design allows easy navigation through the system without second guessing, saving you valuable time each week.

Feel Safe With Your Data Stored in Germany.

Our servers are based in Germany, and so are we. We value data security. So, we do everything within our power to protect your data, following strict German data security standards.

Don’t leave your hiring up to chance. Start using TalentsTracker today for free!

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