How It Came All About

Hey, I am Jantje. Welcome! I appreciate you visiting and having an interest in checking out what TalentsTracker (and I guess myself) is/are all about. First, a few words about myself.

I love being an entrepreneur. I don’t know what took me so long, but back in 2012 I actually quit my safe corporate job and became one. And I am thoroughly enjoying it! It provides me the opportunity to pursue many projects that I desire. Like launching TalentsTracker, for example. During Spring 2014, I also published a recruiting guide. Until that point in time, I didn’t know that writing was that much fun! Before TalentsTracker came alive, I consulted business to improve their hiring processes and sometimes I go in and help companies out with their recruiting activities. Now, I do it on an “on and off” basis.

Despite all these exciting projects, my greatest joys are spending time with the people that I love to be around like my family and friends, and I really like traveling a lot (to visit people and to discover new places). I also highly enjoy inspiring and connecting people on whatever journey they might be on.

“Why TalentsTracker?”

I am glad you ask.

I remember very well the frustration I had working through piles and piles of job applications in my first job right out of university. It was frustrating. And it was hard to keep track of everything. The company I was working in was using an applicant tracking system, but it did not fulfil all the needs I had, instead it added additional work to my agenda. I didn’t like it much. What I did like was interviewing candidates, and providing them job opportunities. That was a passion that I started to build upon.

Fast forward more than ten years, that was ten years full of different work experiences in the HR sector (mainly recruiting and training), I decided in 2014 to study how young, growing companies handle their recruiting and talent management activities. Much to my surprise, many of the people whom I spoke with were either dissatisfied with existing recruiting software, or were not using any at all. I continued interviewing for a few months, as I thoroughly enjoyed it and I really appreciated the openness people shared their experiences with me. I then summarized all the important points in a report.

After about 50 interviews in total, I decided to dedicate some time into validating the idea of creating this recruitment software to help growing companies to stay in top of their hiring needs. I developed first screens on a few pieces on paper, then drew it up on the computer and showed it to some of my interview partners. They really liked the simplicity and flexibility of it, which got me excited. And some of these companies actually did give me money to start developing it.

That was enough proof for me to start getting the software developed. Now, fast forward to today, TalentsTracker is here as a Beta Version and available for everyone interested to try out! Yay!

Where are you at right now?

Maybe you are working hard to keep track of your candidates. Maybe you are spending more time scheduling interviews than anticipated. Maybe you just want to focus on finding suitable candidates and not all the administrative work around it.

I am on a mission to make hiring simpler, more pleasant and more productive!

So, if you see TalentsTracker as a great fit for your needs, feel free to try it out. There is a free trial available for 15 days. This gives you time to test every feature. And by the way, you won’t need to provide your credit card either when you sign up.

Want to try it out? You don't need your credit card (and it's 100% Risk Free).