Let me start of with a little video for a change:



Ha 🙂 Okay, let’s get to what I mean with “the thing”.

Yesterday, I came across a wonderful sentence, which stuck me a lot. It goes like this: „It’s not about chasing happiness, it’s about following your joy.“

This statement has so much beauty and wisdom in it for many reasons. And just to be clear, this is not going to be a self-help article, that’s not what I am getting at.

For me, this citation points to one of the most critical ingredients of successfully attracting and hiring new employees for your team.

It’s not about the fancy tools.

No, it’s all about mindset. Or rather the right mindset (aka “the thing”).

Someone who is “chasing happiness” has a certain kind of mindset. It’s probably someone who is actively looking for things to make him successful and happy. And once he has that one thing he was after, he is satisfied for a little bit and then he goes and chases the next thing. Probably not realising that all of these are somewhat short-term actions, maybe external things which he “needs” to be successful.

Whereas on the other hand, “following your joy” is less about taking the perspective of what is missing and pushing ahead to get it. It’s more about assuming that things will work out, that you will find and/or attract those candidates. It’s less about doing something under pressure to get from A to B.

Does that make sense?

Let me explain a bit.

Mindset, for me, is all about the way you approach hiring. Your attitude towards hiring is key, if not THE key. If you do not have the appropriate mindset, it’s likely going to be much more difficult to find the “right” people for your team.


Well, let me tell you a story.

Susan works as an Office Manager in a growing startup. She joined as the 4th employee of the company about a year ago. Today, she is wearing multiple hats at the same time. Looking after the recruiting process is just one of her many tasks. She is happy if she can spend 2 hours per day going through her emails, looking at new applications and making sure that the candidates get notified in time and that nobody falls through the cracks. It’s hard.

She’s been asked to take some initiative to find more candidates. The issue is she doesn’t know where to start. There are so many job boards available and, besides, the best people are probably not actively looking anyway. And there is such a shortage of developers, last time it took her ages to find suitable candidates on LinkedIn. And only few of them responded to her manual reach outs.

One day, Susan attends a meetup with other startups and she gets to know Michelle. They start chatting about their everyday work and Susan mentions the difficulties she has to find the right people to hire. Michelle is surprised.

She cannot really relate. In fact, she doesn’t run into those issues. Susan is surprised, so she asks her what she does. Michelle answers:

“I don’t think I do anything special, I just don’t have those issues often. I am not buttoned down and force myself to “get there”, I guess. I just assume and have the confidence that I will meet the right people when I need them and funny enough, that actually happens nearly all the time like that. Sometimes, I am surprised with the ideas that I come up with to get to know new candidates. The other day we did a webinar together with a few colleagues for potential candidates and that worked really well.”

“Wow”, Susan was impressed. What Michelle described sounded so easy. And her idea about the webinar sounded unconventional, but interesting at the same time. She thought about giving it a shot. After all, would there be any downsides to her trying this? Not really, in the contrary, she felt like as if this would open her mind a little bit. Maybe she could be a little bit more like Michelle that way.

End of story time 🙂

Do you see where I am getting at?

I believe with a scarcity mindset like Susan, it is even harder to find the high-quality candidates. The chances of connecting the right one are automatically limited right from the start, because you might not even see some possibilities that others with a more open mindset see.

Here is to an open world of opportunities for your next hire!