The job interview is one of THE key elements of the hiring process, if not the most important one. When looking at the advice which is provided out there in the world wide web, I am often amazed about the focus on asking the « right » questions, whatever that may mean.

I consider other factors to be as relevant, if not even more. In the video below, you’ll discover two of the most crucial factors. I apply them every time I am conducting an interview.

Check them out below!


What do you think? (Apart from the beautiful frame freeze 🙂)

Does this make sense?

For the ones among you who prefer to read, or if you just simply like recaps – here are those two points:

  1. Giving yourself room to breathe before the job interview: If you do that, you’ll feel at ease, tuned in and ready for the conversation.
  2. Listening: When you make listening a priority in the interview (rather than focusing on what question to ask next), the conversation will start to flow automatically and the candidates often feels instantly more understood and heard.


Through my experience, I find that when I focus on just these two elements, everything else in the job interview (or any conversation in fact) falls into place. And I ask the « right » questions. I am concentrated, yet more relaxed. And so seems the candidate to be. And this makes all the difference.

At the same time, I noticed, as simple as this sounds, it is sometimes easy to forget to do this. So, in the beginning it all starts with experimenting and giving it a try. And once you like it and you remind yourself often enough, it becomes a habit.

Give it go! And let me know what you think in the comments below!