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Get an Instant Snapshot of Your Entire Hiring Situation

The Dashboard provides you with an instant overview of the current hiring situation for any of your positions. You will immediately see which position has new candidates and you can start screening straight away. And by hovering over each position, you will know directly which hiring phase needs your attention.

Save Time Adding Candidates

Through three easy ways you can quickly add candidates to a position. The most popular way is forwarding candidates from your personal inbox directly to TalentsTracker. This clears not only your inbox, but also ensures that you can view and track all candidates in one single place. In case you meet a suitable candidate at a meetup, for example, you can also manually add a candidate directly in the app with literally three clicks. If the position is also announced on your homepage, candidates can fill out a customized form, which populates directly into our recruiting software.

Easily View and Track Your Candidates

The individual position overview allows you to keep candidates moving through your tailored hiring pipeline easily by simply dragging and dropping candidates’ cards from one phase to another. You can deal with new candidates first, they are highlighted, so no chance to for them to escape. With one glance, you see instantly where the candidates are coming from, e.g. referrals or direct applications. There is also a one-click access available to view the most important documents like CV and cover letter. Plus many more features.

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Find Suitable Candidates Faster

The Talent Pool is the place where you can manage all candidates centrally to simplify your recruitment process even more. Most recruiters use this pool to search for candidates whose applications might have been previously sleeping in their inbox. The powerful filter options allow you to find the ideal candidate (from previous positions) in a matter of seconds, not hours.

Schedule Interviews Without Emailing Back and Forth

Find a suitable time instantly when everyone is going to be available for interviews, even if your hiring manager is located in Singapore. Using the tool’s scheduling feature will keep you from manually having to send numerous emails. Instead you’ll just be choosing your colleagues, the duration and the time window for the interview. The rest is taken care of by the app, which generates a specific link through which the candidate can select an ideal time slot (based on your availabilities), and you are all set. (This feature is currently only available for users with a Google account.)

Professional correspondence with candidates made easy

Wouldn’t it be nice if you would have emails to candidates ready in minutes? Within TalentsTracker you can customize default templates and schedule emails to be sent to the candidates, whether you want to send it straight away or in a few days time, you decide. Notifying candidates has never been easier.

Other Benefits Our Users Like

We Take Security & Privacy Seriously.

Our data servers are based in Frankfurt, Germany. We want to protect your and your candidates’ data as much as possible. This is also why we use high-class SSL certificates for any data transfer. And we do daily backups. We cannot control everything, but we certainly take the serious measures to keep your data secure and private.

Tracking Talents as a Team.

Hiring Managers can get a personalized access to TalentsTracker to manage recruitment processes in direct cooperation with their recruiters. This additional access supports the approach of many companies to streamline internal procedures. This ultimately speeds up hiring even faster!

Fast And Dead Simple To Use. Setup In Minutes.

TalentsTracker is crazy fast and easy to use. You will be setup in minutes and you will be seeing positions and tracking candidates right away. The modern design can save you hours per week. Launching automatic uploads and finding candidates takes seconds.

No contracts. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We believe that long-term contracts are obscene. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. Our pricing is simple, what you see is what you will get billed—no hidden costs (like ridiculous setup fees). If you are not thrilled with our service, we do not want your money. We will refund 100% of your payment, if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Choose Your Preferred Language.

The TalentsTracker App is available in multiple languages. At the moment, it is accessible in English as well as in German. More languages to come – which one would you prefer?

COMING SOON: Metrics in Real Time.

Soon, you’ll be able to see your recruiting metrics in real-time. You can also run a customized report in a matter of seconds! These reports let you look at the details over time, so you can analyse, problem solve and hire more efficient and effectively.

Open Door Policy

Love what you read but something is missing or not quite right?

Feel free to email Jantje, the founder, directly and just ask. (You can use this email template: Click Here.)


We have built many things into this brand-new recruiting software to support our users, and we intend to do so beyond this beta version of TalentsTracker. In fact this tool is built based on recruiters’ needs and wants. If your request fits our vision, we usually have it built within a week to the absolute delight of our users. If it is not possible, we will be happy to recommend you another system that is likely to solve your problem better.


We guess not all companies operate like this, but that’s how we love to do business.

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