A few days ago, I caught myself hunting down the “latest” sourcing tools to find (hopefully good) candidates. While it wasn’t really difficult to find great lists out there, when I started checking some of them out, I got bored quite quickly.

Looking through them wasn’t a lot of fun. I was thinking, “What am I doing here?” I really felt like a goodie hunter. And not that there is anything wrong with checking out new possibilities to look for potential candidates, that is just not the place where I usually want to hang out. So, I left it at that.

A bit later that day, I stumbled over an article. I don’t remember the exact topic, to be totally honest, but my eyes caught an image of a job advert from a burger place in New Zealand. It really impressed me for several reasons. In fact, I liked it that much, that I shared it instantly with some people. And I would like to use this job advert as an illustrative example to highlight what is really important when you want to attract the right people to join you and come and work for you. At least this is what I’ve discovered over the last years.

First, let’s check out this “advertisement” before we go any further (btw, disclosure, this ad is of flickr and dates a few years back).

Source: Flickr (http://bit.ly/1PWKhyp)
Source: Flickr (http://bit.ly/1PWKhyp)


Funny, hey? I hope you got a smile on your face while reading it, just like I did.

Now, what message did I get out of it?

Be you.

Coming back to my tool hunt episode, so often I get caught up in “What else can I do to make this even better?” or “Oh no, our competitors seem to be doing this, so we have to do it, too” mode. When talking to others, I discovered I am not the only one thinking this. And I believe we do this because we think we need more of this and more of that. We think we are not enough, we think we can do better.

In terms of attracting people to our companies this would then mean that we may polish up our career site with a fancy video, because that’s what companies do. Or we recruit an agency to help us with nice looking job descriptions. And again, there is nothing wrong with that. What I am trying to say (or rather write) here is that, to me, the point of origin matters. Why are you doing it in that way? What I have discovered, there are three possible answers:

  1. You are doing it, because your competitors are doing it like that.
  2. You are doing it, because someone told you to do it.
  3. You are being you and that’s why and how you do things.


If your answer is 1 or 2, go for it and continue that way, if it has been satisfying and successful. If neither of the above, I’d be looking at the third option.

This job ad of this burger place is in my eyes a perfect example of how authenticity can be expressed. Whether they wrote it themselves or they paid a fortune for this ad produced by some fancy copywriting expert, I don’t know. What I do notice in this ad is that they want to display their true company culture and values that they are living and looking for.

This ad is very different than anything else you see out there. It’s got super long text. No fancy title, no bullet points, no pictures, and yet it is very catchy. And funny. It is unique. Once you start reading it, you can’t really stop.

It’s very likely going to attract those kind of people who like Geordie (and his team), people who want to be around Geordie and those are the people that Geordie needs and wants in the team. And it’s probably going to keep those away who cannot relate to this ad at all.

So, my point is?

I am not asking you to write an advert like this, no.

All I am asking you before you do your next task to find and hire suitable people for your company: ask yourself why you are doing it. Don’t look at what others are doing. If you are being authentic to yourself and to your audience and your motivation comes from within, not only is the motivation going to last longer, you will then as a result find the right tools and resources to realise what you desire. Not the other way around.

And while we probably all know this, after all this is nothing new, I have written this to remind myself and hopefully served a few of you as well to not forget why we do things and how to be really successful.

Now, let’s focus on being! 🙂

And on that note, let me know below if you found this article helpful, or not. I am curious!

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